It’s our job to champion student life on campus.

Our mission is to help students make the most of their time at King’s. We do this in a number of ways, through a wealth of programs depending upon the student’s needs, 问题, 或利益. 

的 Associate Vice President and Dean of Students work to facilitate a dialogue that promotes the development of students through the services and educational experiences offered. A primary component of the development of students is interaction that promotes the exploration of new ideas 和 examination of the individual student’s contribution to the community. 的 diversity of the College and local community in ideas, 信仰, 少数民族, 比赛, 性别, 信条, and sexual orientation is an asset in the dialogue that promotes the development of students.

的 Student Code of Conduct establishes norms of minimum behavior to enhance the educational and social environment for students. 的 Student Conduct System provides the opportunity for dialogue in the exploration of student behavior in the context of the community 和 opportunity for individual development. As an advocate for students who may feel unheard on campus, Associate Vice President enables them to have a voice in the College.

的 Dean of Students Office oversees several programs on campus.

  • 校园活动
  • Experiencing the Arts program
  • 居住生活
  • Multicultural and 国际 Student Programs
  • Holy Cross Experience Course (HCE101)
  • New Student Orientation
  • Absence from class for personal or health-related reasons
  • Off-campus student 问题

除了, Associate Vice President serves as the College Chief Student Conduct Officer (for further information, see the Student Code of Conduct 和 College Conduct Process in the 学生手册).

Students receive support and help when they need it most.

的 Dean of Students Office assists students when they must miss class due to a family emergency or the student’s own illness.  If a student misses one day from class,y should notify their instructor.  If a student must miss two or more consecutive times of the same class the Dean of Students Office will inform the student’s instructor of the absences.  的 student will then contact their instructor to make arrangement to make up any work for the class.

的 Dean of Students has several forms and publications that are available for students 和ir families.



Associate Vice-President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
梅根·米. 凯西,M.S.Ed.
Phone: 570-208-5875

Office of Student Affairs
Phone: 570-208-5875
Fax: 570-208-6023